Sunday, 11 November 2012

My Day

I had a  lovely day, i think Sunday's are great days for me
I love making delicious meals for my loved ones
Its a time, to bond with my children
I get to know more about them
We love to cuddle in mums bed
My daughter loves that time to remind mum  about her week,
what happened in school
the kids who wronged her
the singing games
She likes to teach mum about it the dancing styles
Our son loves to look at mum and sister play
He cheers us on
I love my babies
I wake up everyday feeling positive cause of them
I need to go an extra mile
They give me hope,
They enrich my soul with gladness and really look forward to the future
If my relationship with their dad fails, they are my memories
I will forever remember him, he is apart of me
God bless you children.

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