Monday, 12 November 2012

Tears of My Love For you

Almost every other day i wake up feeling pity
Pity for myself,
Pity i lived to believe a lie
I thought these things happen to others
I trusted your word
You took me for granted, for four years
I wasn't in your mind and by look of things i will never be
I have discovered so much, i still cant believe it
at times it looks like a dream

You aren't even remorseful about it,
like i deserved it
You even continue to lie,
even about small issues
And baby you want me to walk down the aisle and swear before God and man that
i will stay for good or for worse..seriously??

Its so painful, to love and be cheated on
You don't know the pain cos it has never happened to you
One day, i guarantee you, you will feel the pain definitely it will be from a gal  that you will  truly love
and that very day you will remember me
all you said was, we gonna raise the kids
what about me?
I have a life and i will not live unhappy for them, they will understand

It  really hurts, anyway life must continue no matter what
I will make some tough decisions
I will not watch you hurt me again, you are at it again
You do your thing,
If it makes you glad then so be it
Always know as you live your life you did hurt a soul that loved you so dearly
I know many or even none will understand
I want to feel loved, i want someone who knows it hurts to do those things
i need someone i can trust
I need someone who will believe in me
Who will love me with all my faults
Its clear you feel
At times it very difficult to walk around with a smile and a heart that is in pain

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