Thursday, 22 November 2012

be a fighter

Once i decided to forgive, am now finding it easier to cope with anything that comes my way. keeping a grudge  hurt people, it robs one all the happiness and joy. It brings along resentments that only cause more havoc to the soul and the body. Have you realized how one gets sick when unhappy?
Let go all the heartaches,
Let go all the pain,
Let go all the sorrow,
Let it flow, restart afresh, make new friends
Indulge in a hobby that you have not been keen on in the past
Make friends with your past
Enjoy the new company you've got,
don't hate those who hurt you, love them anyway
Do good to them
Wish them well
You will be doing just to yourself
You can forgive and still move on
You can forgive and still love again
otherwise who would want to love someone with a baggage.
Forgiveness can also be patience, 
Patience to let anger subside
Patience to let yourself mourn
You don't have to tolerate those who hurt you
You still can let them go
Strive to be a fighter, Never give up on yourself

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