Thursday, 8 November 2012


Got myself  lucky today, i won a certain competition for supply of diapers for a whole six months..who can be luckier!!
A whole lot of savings there. I have been so faithful to this company and was so excited about the win. the quality is great even used the same with my first born.
Guess its my reaping time.
I definitely feel great and happy and that more is coming. i have got this feeling  that after such a challenging experience, life has a way of giving us a pat on the shoulder.
Its a small gift that means so much, its amazing how little things sparkle our hearts.
They do enlighten our moods, we get feel our soul smiling.
Its a great distraction, at least for now
Every day its a new day full of new hopes
Don't let yesterday's  sorrow steal today's joy
You are what you are today because of that experience
Be glad it happened, it has shaped to the confident person you are today

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