Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A Wake up Call

Always,  we encounter an experience that awakens our sleeping mind,
we tend to do lots of assumption before we get the facts
because at that time it suits our thinking and massages our ego
Normally someone is misunderstood and hurt,
We all need to be in the wearer's shoe,
Do you have an incidence where you regret making hasty and unselfish decisions?
Would you do it differently this time?
Is it possible there is a change of heart cos time has has calmed all the anger and you are able to reason soberly?
Is it possible you made a decision that was based on hear say?
Give everything due time
If you still feel angry, don't touch it
If you are not stable emotionally don't think about it
Listen to your soul, your mind will always wonder around without direction
Marriages would be saved if we tackled issues sober and amicably
Friendships would not end if we gave ourselves time to think over
Sibling rivalry would be a thing of the past
Deal with all issues
Deal with the insecurities,you have got to take a dose of hope everyday
Take a risk, despite the hurt trust again
A broken heart can still love again
Keep the faith alive, it goes a long way
Stay positive, when things get rough stay positive
When tears roll down , stay positive anyway
Remember the stars need darkness to shine brightest
Every decision has consequences, positive and negative
Live right, your mistakes will live to haunt you
Every wrong thing you do will see the light of the day, someday.

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