Thursday, 29 November 2012

My Birthday, A new beggining

My hubby was the first to wish me a happy birthday..exactly at 00:01 am.
The hug felt warm and very lovely..its been long since i saw him so happy, the smile he wore was so lovely, his face was glowing i could tell he was about to say something.
He first gave me a beautiful necklace and i was so elated and when i thought he was done he told me he got another surprise,,wow..
He removed a ring from his pocket, i could see he was withholding some info i know he wanted to propose but was afraid i would turn him down and he did confirm my fears the following day!
i feel him, what he doesn't know is that i have decided to stay put no matter what.
He is a cool gentle guy and also tough
He told me we need to start all over again, a good idea
a great sign that he still feel we can make a good couple
It feels loved to know he believes in me
We are good together, we feel each other, we compliment each other
May be one day i will walk down the aisle to meet him and vow to stay by his side always
I think it will be a beautiful day,
till then i will work to be the best person i can be
A good wife, a great mum, sis, friend and daughter
I dont wanna live to wish i did
I love my hubby, thanks love for the ring, thanks for believing in me, thanks for all
I want to pen down the big changes and influence i did after one year down the line
I want to look at family and thank myself for unselfishness

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