Friday, 30 November 2012

Live Again

A day older, a happier day
Marriage can be beautiful, it can also be a source of agony,
where communication has failed, separation beckons
Arguing is a good sign, there is a room for improvement, both parties are determined to give it the best shot. Otherwise one of the parties has given up and has his attention else where
Every problem has a solution
Every marriage can work despite hurdles
Every ailing  relationship can be healed
After a betrayal you still can trust again
There is power in self confidence
There is joy in forgiveness, If things don't happen as expected, your creativity is re-energized. What may be happening to you now isn't new, it has happened to someone else before you.
If you are committed to change, you will achieve greats,
Commit yourself to changing a dull relationship,Change your attitude toward the person who have hurt you, Love them more.
You need to change your thinking too about a particular situation or person, get to know how they feel
Be the first to adjust, be the first to let the guard down, be the first to say apologize  be the first to compromise, the other party will too will follow suit, after all its for the benefit of the two parties.
Betrayal reveals who you really are, it tells the world the person within.,
You are strong to calm any storm that comes your way
Its never too late to start again, pack everything up and chase your dream
Pack all hurt toss it and hope again, start from scratch, you will get somewhere someday, you will live to tell the story.
You too can change your opinion, you can change your stand.
Happiness is about compromise

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