Monday, 26 November 2012

The Better Me,

Am looking forward to the lunch date with my hubby.
You see at the end of the day, i remain with me and God above
He constantly talks about forgiveness, 
I too need forgiveness now and then
I have wronged people
May be i have lost friends cos i didn't say sorry
I want a better life, and that comes accepting the life mishaps along the way
Someone said "Everything happens for a reason"
This has changed me loads,
Am a better listener, more patient
I think i can put up with anything now
Even when things are bad, i wanna strive to be positive
I cant wait to see what future holds
I have got loads of energy, i wanna do anything and everything to ensure our relationship works no matter what.
I want a brighter and fuller experience,
we will do dates often, we will have our time together often.
We will have family time too, am looking forward to the next lunch date

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