Sunday, 18 November 2012

Do it Differently

I have made up my mind,
No more bricks will be placed on the wall that is already existing between us
The hard work ahead is to bring the wall down, brick by brick
It isn't easy, since we have made our minds to,  we will manage
This morning we had a disagreement about an issue that would have been dwelt with last night, He was so angry about it that it had to zero down to the kids.
My daughter cried when his daddy denied him permission to go to a function she had prepared for.
This really broke my heart, i cried too
I felt we should have dwelt on getting a solution,
but out of anger, he listened to his head not his heart
Every little thing under the universe comes with sacrifice
Am ready to take the moon, I will get to the sun and back, until things go well
There will be:
No more hard feelings,
No more sleepless nights, am gonna stay up till my heart is at peace
Am gonna stay up till we are both on the same page
I will not let him lay angry
I ill not let him lay unhappy
He isn't a good communicator, i will make him one
nothing is impossible, where there ia a will there is a way
I will strive to understand him,
What hurts him, what he likes, it will be a brand new experience for me. I want him happy, always longing to come back home when he is away. Am ready for any battle that i will face as i work on my goal. I will win. We too can make a great family, work to have a beautiful marriage.
I will not let obstacles deter me or discourage me. the last  thing i want to do is give up. I know i will reap great fruits after all you reap what you reap.
This time,
Am gonna do things differently.

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